Best Shaving Cream with Amazing Benefits and Qualities

VI-John has set a bench mark for it is truly commendable. The benefits of using the shaving creams from Vi-John are many but to mention a few are mentioned here-

·         They are best for dry skin type- In winters or even generally, we tend to have drier skin and these dry skins have to have solutions like complete moisturisation and care. Vi-John shaving creams are best for dry skin.
·         They are best for oily skin type- the oily skin type has so much risk of getting infected from germs and bacteria so using Vi-John shaving cream to deal with such skin issues is best. Oily skin is more prone to risk of skin infection, acnes etc. so use VI-John shaving cream in order to have smooth shave and amazing skin.
·         They are best for sensitive skin- the natural ingredients used here are very impact in order to deal with the sensitive skin type. So use of VI-john shaving cream is another reason why dealing with it is very easy with Vi-John.
The features of a good shaving cream-
·         They have smooth texture- the very important thing about shaving creams is that they should have smooth texture as they help you produce good lather for your skin. The smooth texture helps your skin to have best shaving.

·      The ingredient used- The ingredients used in the shaving cream should never be so hard and strong chemically as they come in direct contact with your facial skin.

·        The fragrance- Something that has strong fragrance chances are they have very high concentration of certain chemicals and this might become one of the reason for acne and skin burns.
·         Moisturise- The ingredients should be such that the shaving cream also moisturises your skin with all the extra nourishment.

·         It has after shave qualities- The shaving cream also consist after shave qualities that will help you heal all the skin problems arise after shaving.
·         Amazing presentation- Not just the quality but the product also has amazing packaging that will lure you to buy the shaving creams. Earlier Vi-John was not too much into outer looks but they have considered it a lot recently. 


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