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One of the Top Selling Shaving Brands of the Country

Shaving is one of the most complex thing men opt for, so if first impression is not good, they never go back to the same. Face is something so sensitive and taking risk with it is surely nobody wants. Shaving foam is something that goes along best with your razor, so you don’t need to suffer from rough up and down strokes on your face. 
Now as we are saying shaving foams will be a smarter choice then there might be doubts arising as why what do they do?

·         It keeps your hair moistened- Retaining the heat and moisture on your skin is one of the most essential things you need for shaving. Moisture helps your pores to be open and ensure less tugging and pulling when blades come in contact with your skin.
·         It lubricates- Shaving creams gives your skin a right amount of lubrication when pores are open and the shaving foam is there it helps your razor to glide in and give a more smoother deep cleaning of hair. If you are keeping razor in direct contact with your skin this might cause razor burns to your skin.
·         It actually helps- Whether we say it or not but shaving foams actually works and it will be even better if you don’t use your hands, the brushes are made of badger hair and they are great at whipping. It gives your beard crisper and sharp cut.
 What type of shaving creams should we go for- Generally, there are enormous options and getting overwhelmed by them all is quite natural, that’s why few things must be kept in mind- First and the foremost the ingredients in it- try avoiding chemicals as much as possible., recommendations are that don’t go for shaving foam s that have alcohol concentration in it. SO our suggestion is VI-John because it has all the essentials required for smooth shave. 


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